Fun is guaranteed with União da Ilha


União da Ilha is a suburban samba school that made itself known and appreciated for putting on joyful, simple and inexpensive parades. With its trade mark of fun and simplicity, this ‘gremios’ of Rio de Janeiro is considered to be one of the most pleasing and happy. Even without many resources, it has made a show of determination and established a good communication with the public and is regarded as one of the nicest in the carnival.

Uniao da Ilha samba school - Carnival parade in Rio


União da Ilha do Governador was founded in March 07, 1953 and it is known for its irreverent themes. The school was conceptualized when Maurício Gazelle and Quincas Orphylo watched the exhibition of small schools of samba and blocks of various districts and decided that Cacuia should also have its representative samba school. União da Ilha is based in Estrada do Galeão in the neighborhood of Cacuia.


Their colors of União da Ilha do Governador are blue, red and white and a white eagle can be seen in the centre of its flag above a crest and shield. The depicted eagle is this school’s reverent symbol.


Even though it has not won any titles in the Special Group throughout its history, the school has made a strong impression with memorable themes and sambas such Domingo in 1977 and Good, Nice and Cheap, in 1980. In fact União da Ilha’s best result was when it won a second place in the Sambadrome contest for Good, Nice and Cheap which perhaps led to the school’s current image. And Today is the day of 1982, is one of the most famous and recorded sambas in the history of Carnival. The last good performance in 1994 was with the theme Abrakadabra where it finished fourth. Since then, it has pulled off good placements.