Porto da Pedra has no boundaries when investing on greater and bigger parades

A relative novice Porto da Pedra meaning Port of the Rock, has been among the crème of samba schools since 1995 and achieved its swift success due to great performances as well as big investments from sponsors. Based in Rio’s Niteroi suburbs, across the bay, this school is known for creativity and inventiveness. Its outstanding floats with the tiger highlight, its drum section and the queen with her extravagant attributes are hard to miss.

Drummers - Porto da Pedra Samba school


The Porto da Pedra samba school originated as part of the Porto da Pedra Soccer Club that belonged to a teen street gang. The Club first paraded through the streets in the year 1975 and was immensely successful. In 1978 the school went corporate and a year later it won its first championship due to the theme and the hard work of its founders.


Porto da Pedra used to be a soccer team and still retains the symbol of a roaring tiger and its official colors are red and white.


Porto da Pedra is a very young samba school compared to the other popular ones and started its journey 31 years ago. With the theme New Sun of Tomorrow in 1994, the samba schools carried out a parade in Rio De Janeiro’s parade avenue for the first time making it as a vice-champion and was invited to parade in Group 1, later that year. It had many commendable performances over the years with themes such as Search of Happiness, The Spree of the World – Carnaval of Carnavals, and In the Kingdom of Joy. Its parade in 1999 earned the school a place amongst samba school’s of Rio de Janeiro elite. The new millennium saw many a sensational victory.