The great Beija- Flor brings the most impeccable parade to the sambadrome

Ranked highest among all samba schools, ‘Beija Flor’ meaning ‘Humming Bird’ is a beloved bird in the Rio region. The school is based in a place called Nilopolis outside Rio and has achieved the reputation of being the best school because of outstanding artistry, organized management and a strong intent to win. It winning streak began in 1998 and won consecutively from 2003 to 2008. Beija Flor is well-known for its creative brilliance, extravagant costumes and powerful performances.

Beija Flor samba school parade


The Beija-Flor de Nilopolis School of samba was founded on December 25th, 1948. Its successful debut at the parade of 1949 excited the members of the block who made better arrangements and encouraged the school. However it started to compete in the samba major league since 1954. And the school’s best period began with its institutional revolution in 1974 and since then it has set a series of miles-stones in samba history.


The name Beija Flor was inspired by the ranch Beija-Flor that existed in the city of Marquês de Valença and the humming bird became its official symbol. Its colors are dark blue and white.


Each year the Beija-Flor samba dancers treat the Carnival audience to another amazing show. It is famed for being innovative as well as controversial with sensitive parade themes like religion. Some of its themes were Macapaba: solar equinox, fantastic journey through the world, Rats and Vultures drop my fantasy and In the shower of joy, who bathes the soul in the body washes folia. Beija-Flor is the prestigious winner of 11 parades in the Rio Carnival and has been vice-champion 10 times. It is the home of extremely creative and talented producers in the history of Brazilian Carnival. With big and sumptuous floats, astonishing costumes, fabulous drum sections and gregarious muses, this humming bird of samba has taken Carnival parades to new heights of luxury and creativity.